"VBC is great because the training isn’t just academic, its practical, and hands on!" – Mharyale Moreno, 1st Year Missions

Victory Bible College is a two-year program resulting in a diploma of completion. Many wonder how a diploma compares to a degree. Simply put a diploma shows that you have been trained and have successfully met a set of standards deemed necessary in a particular field. In most cases employers and people in general are as concerned with the degree that you get as much as they are the experience you have. We intend to give you both, a well structured education but also opportunities to have hands on experience.

However, if while you are attending VBC you desire to pursue your bachelor degree we have a pathway to make that desire a reality. While attending VBC full-time you can duel enroll with Oklahoma Wesleyan University by taking one online class a quarter and in little as three years you can complete a four year program!


 You can dual enroll with Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Oral Roberts University by taking one to two online classes each semester!

  Area of studies (majors) offered: