Victory College is committed to giving you an excellent experience, academically, spiritually and practically.

Our staff and faculty are highly qualified to teach students. Victory College is an applicant for accreditation through ABHE.

Can i work while attending VC?

Yes! Classes are held from 8:00 am-12:00 pm Monday through Thursday. This enables students the ability to still work while they attend VC. We are also proud to say that many local Tulsa businesses frequently request Victory College students as employees! Should you need help finding a job you can speak with the Student Life Director about available jobs.


is Victory College Accredited?

Yes! Victory College is nationally accredited with the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries.


is there a GPA Requirement?

Students attending Victory College are required to maintain an academic GPA of 2.0.

How large are classes at Victory college?

Classes range in size based on program of study but anywhere from 50-100


How will i be set up for success?

Each program is designed with your success in mind. Faculty and staff are always willing to meet one-on-one with you outside of classroom hours. If you should need emotional and or spiritual support, you can receive this through Victory Connect Groups or Victory’s Pastoral Team. 


What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is for students who wish to work towards their bachelors degree while at Victory College. Students can dual enroll with either Oklahoma Wesleyan University or Oral Roberts University. 



It is the objective of Victory College to provide students, staff, and guests with an environment that is as safe as possible during day-to-day operations.  Students are given personal identification cards that are to be worn on campus at all times.

Security guards are stationed on campus to ensure the safety of our students while in their dorm or at school.

What Safety measures are in place at housing?

Student housing is in close proximity to Victory Church and is gated at all times. Entry to student apartments requires a passcode and/or key card. Students are also required to abide by curfew limitations enforced by RA’s. For added peace of mind, Victory Security patrol housing at all times. 


Will i have to drive a lot?

Victory College’s main campus is only a two min drive from housing and Victory’s main campus. Should your student need a ride, there is a Victory shuttle that transports students back and forth to school at no additional cost. 

Is there a security officer on campus during all hours that the campus is open?

Yes. Victory takes safely very seriously. All victory campuses are patrolled by armed Victory Security Officers. This includes all church services, while school is in session, housing and any special Victory events. 


Is there a nurse in case of injury or emergency?

No. However, students have access to the Victory Dream Center Medial Office should they need medial attention. There are also urgent care centers located nearby and all over the Tulsa metro area. 



Does Victory College offer any kind of meal plan?

On campus there is a cafe that offers students breakfast and lunch items during hours of operation. If students live in housing, their apartment comes with a fully furnished kitchen. There, they can buy and prepare food.


What type of support system on campus is there for new students?

Ambassadors and RA's reach out to new students as soon as they arrive on campus. Students are placed in a small groups and staff is very involved in welcoming new students to VC! 


Can students stay in apartments over breaks?

Yes! As long as their lease term has not ended. 


Are parents invited to College Weekends and College Visits?

Yes! Parents are welcome to experience Victory College with their student. 


Do students have to become a member of Victory Church in order to be accepted to VC?

No, however, every student must be actively serving and participating in the life of a local church. If they do not choose to attend Victory, they will still have to physically attend and serve at a church of their choice. We strongly encourage our students to attend Victory, as many of their classes have real life application in the ministries of Victory! The most important thing to us is that students are planted in the local church! 

What does community look like at Victory College?

At Victory we often say that we are a family, not a crowd. We encourage our students to know each other through a variety of student life events, small groups, and extra-curricular activities. 


What help is available if i am in need of spiritual counsel?

Students have RA’s, small group leaders, instructors, and Pastoral Staff that you can reach out to.


What if i do not have a vehicle?

No problem! You have three options. 1. You can walk. Everything you would have need of is within a 10 minute walking distance. 2. Take the Victory shuttle. 3. Hitch a ride with a fellow student. 


What if my son or daughter experiences roommate problems?

Resident Assistants are the first point of contact if there is a conflict within student housing.