"My First year was all about growth, now in my second year, I feel ready to equip others!" – Sam Hugli, 2nd Year Ministry


There are three basic truths that serve as the foundation for the School of Creative Media here at VBC: 1) Everybody has a story. 2) Everybody’s story is God’s story. 3) Everybody needs to tell their story. It’s from these three truths that we equip our Media students to have the skills to work in a media department of all shapes and sizes. We live in an age of Media. Social Media, Youtube, etc. has become a pillar for organizations, and the church is no exception! Media isn’t just learned in a classroom or by taking notes, so our students get to learn audio & video production, photography, graphic design, and so much more from instructors who are working in the media industry right now.


Ministry Specific Course: Foundations of Faith, Ephesians, Divine Healing and Pneumatology  

If you want to be a children’s, youth and young adult, adult pastor, traveling evangelist, or even if you want to grow in leadership, entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, coaching and counseling, this program is for you! Like we’ve said, ministry is not just within the four walls of a church, and we want to give you the tools you need to succeed in the ministry God has called YOU to. Are you called to any of the roles mentioned above, or maybe some that spin off one? Then let us help you find that life you were born to live.



VBC Missions Program equips students to step onto the mission field prepared. We provide our students with many opportunities to take what is being learned and begin walking it out in a safe environment. We do this by teaching through applied and “real world” scenarios.











We have an amazing school of Worship program that believes firmly in developing the gifts you have NOW. Whether there’s a specific instrument you excel at, sing, or want to learn another instrument, there’s a place for you. Our Worship students get the amazing opportunity to take private lessons with different instructors that are on staff here at VBC. Our incredible staff members are heavily involved in our amazing worship team at Victory, so you get an incredible open door into a thriving worship department. At VBC, we give you the tools you need and the practical training to not only know how to play music, but how to lead a team in worship.