We are so excited that you are applying to Victory College! The application process is straightforward, user friendly, and able to be completed at any time. In order to help track your progress, we have provided the following checklist for the application process. Depending on the time of year, application processing will usually take about 2 weeks

Completed Application Form

Personal Recommendation

Pastoral Recommendation

Headshot Photo

Transcripts or GED

Domestic Application Fee - $50 (for U.S. Students Only)

International Application Fee- $100 (for International Students Only, includes additional document processing)


Victory College is blessed to have over 35 nations represented within its student body. The school is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. To start the admissions process:

1. Complete the Victory College application

2. International Student Packet

3. Pay application fee listed above

All forms must be completed and turned into our office before you will be considered for acceptance. Once you are approved you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility and an I-20 Form from our International Advisors Office. You must then present the I-20 Form to the Immigration Service in your country in order to receive an F-1 student visa.


    Have a High School Diploma or educational equivalent

  • Passport
    Have a valid passport

  • Financial Ability
    Prove financial ability to attend school for the intended study period

  • Health Documents
    Send in required health documents (including vaccinations)

  • I-20
    Obtain an I-20 via acceptance into Victory College

  • Student Visa
    Receive a Student VISA for the intended study period.

  • English Proficiency level of 80% or above

    All applicants, before admittance, must prove an English proficiency level of 80% or above. If a student cannot reach the desired level before the school term starts they will be conditionally accepted and enrolled in a mandatory English as a second language course until they reach the desired 80% proficiency level. 

Victory College will refer you to a high-quality, English as a second language program, for all international students in need of improving their English skills. This program is designed to help the students learn introductory aspects of the English language. The remedial English classes have been curated to enhance the learning experience at Victory College by providing a biblical based curriculum,  theological vocabulary, and teaches effective communication in ministry settings.

Please note that all applicants must be able to provide financial documentation of resources proving their ability to finance an entire year in the United States. 

Also note that we will not, for any reason or under any circumstance, accept a husband or wife as a student here at Victory College unless both husband and wife are living together in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area while the student is attending school. There is no exception to this policy.